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Translating Strategy into Action  |  The talonX Advantage 

What sets talonX apart from traditional HR consultancies is our unique capability to translate your business strategy into actionable goals through our specialised OKR (Objectives and Key Results) coaching. While most HR firms focus on day-to-day management, recruitment, and compliance, we further align your team's efforts with your overarching business objectives.


As a strategic HR partner with OKR coaching accreditation, I work closely with leaders in SMEs to ensure that their strategy doesn't just stay on paper—it becomes a part of the organisational DNA. By integrating OKR coaching into our HR services, we create a seamless alignment between your human capital and your business goals, fuelling a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.


With talonX by your side, you're not merely sustaining your business; you're dynamically scaling it, ensuring that every aspect of your human capital is leveraged. Choose talonX and experience the next level of strategic HR. Book a call to learn more about how talonX can elevate your organisational strategy.

At talonX, HR is a strategic partner that enables growth and performance. that's why we integrate OKRs into our fractional HR Director Service and our X for Tech startup Service.

A Tech-Forward Approach

Embracing the future means embracing technology. That's why talonX is committed to data-driven decisions, leveraging cutting-edge tools like Sense HR software for seamless and insightful employee data management. This is particularly useful as part of our Retained HR Director services, ensuring accurate, actionable data back our strategic recommendations.

As we work together in partnership and gain an understanding of your working environment, we will recommend technological solutions to streamline your recruitment and talent acquisition, employee onboarding, employee engagement, workforce analytics, payroll and compensation, compliance and risk management and employee offboarding to help you attract retain and develop your team.

We are proud partners of, working together to help companies navigate the AI revolution.

A Talent First Philosophy

At talonX, we believe that talent is the most critical asset for any organisation and that location should not be a barrier to finding and hiring the right people. We empower organisations to prioritise a talent-centric strategy, attracting and securing top-tier professionals suited for their specific roles, irrespective of geographical boundaries.


We are committed to enhancing the engagement and motivation of your current workforce by offering them the flexibility to adapt their work to fit their lives, ensuring a harmonious and dynamic work environment. That’s why we partnered with, the leading platform for work-from-anywhere hire-from-anywhere compliance solutions.


By combining talonX’s expertise in HR and talent management with wfa.teams’s platform and network, talonX can help organisations build and scale their remote workforce while ensuring a positive and engaging employee experience. talonX and share a vision of a world where work is not limited by geography but by skills, passion, and potential.


Together, we can help organisations tap into the global talent pool and empower workers to work from anywhere and live anywhere.

ESG Integration  |  Building Responsible Business within SMEs

At talonX, we recognise the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria for SMEs aiming to thrive in today’s market. Our service offerings extend to helping your business integrate ESG principles into its core strategy, fostering a sustainable and ethical approach that aligns with investor expectations and consumer values.


We guide you through the intricacies of ESG reporting, ensure compliance with evolving regulations, and advise on best practices to elevate your corporate social responsibility. Partnering with talonX empowers your SME to meet the current ESG standards and lead with integrity and a commitment to a better future.

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